It’s really amazing to know that the kids who are not so privileged have so much talent to offer. It’s nice working with them and at ACT I can see how they are loved and provided opportunities to grow. I just hope that with each passing day each and every kid is filled with more and more light - Harini

It is a great experience working with these great kids. They are intelligent and easily grasp whatever we teach them. I will never forget my wonderful experience. -Mohammed Ghori

When I joined ACT as a volunteer almost 2 years ago, I became part of a very special close-knit family – the ACT family, consisting of the children, the trustees and the volunteers. All the adults in this family have a common desire and goal – the welfare and happiness of the ACT children and we are constantly striving to empower and educate them to achieve this. With some children the progress is slower than with others but with patience and perseverance we are confident that we can slowly but steadily guide them towards the pursuit and fulfillment of their dreams. - Arpita Datta, Bangalore

There is a child in every adult, is the aphorism, but I believe it is the other way around, that is there is an adult in every child!
As you age, the adult in you grows and ends up dominating the child.
This metamorphosis is the same with every individual and because it is so prevalent, we feel it to be the right way to live our lifetime. Only those who realize it to be otherwise, have enjoyed life more as compared to those living as an adult.
This dawned on me when I volunteered to spend time with the underprivileged children. I educate them, teach them and groom the adult in them while in return they rejuvenate the child in me. Every Sunday between 2 to 5pm is when this ritual takes place. It happens in this unique opportunity called Ashwini Charitable Trust or ACT.
The beauty of ACT eco-system is the freedom it provides to the volunteers and the children to evolve. Educating these underprivileged children is not only my contribution towards bringing about the change in the society we often talk about, but also is a very satisfying undertaking, personally.
Often when we hear about such experiences, we feel the kick in us to do something.
That is the child, kicking the adult within.
Experience ACT. Live the childs’ life! - Arvind Sharoff, Bangalore

I still remember my first day at ACT. I was given a form to fill up, and I stated the reason I wanted to volunteer as, “I love to interact with children." It’s as simple as that. No I-want-to-change-the-world-and-leave-a-legacy for me.
I know the world is too complex for me to make a difference.
I choose this simple reason to be here, because I love every minute of the time trying to teach math to kids, making them understand the basic concepts of fractions and percentages, and getting involved with their lives in general.
I am reliving my childhood then, rectifying the wrongs that might have happened to me, and carrying forward the better practices.
Will I be making a difference? 🙂 - Richa Pandey, Bangalore

Great... out of the world experience! I feel at ACT we empower the children in a true sense. It feels great to put the stones for 'the next step' for these lovely kids. I am sharing this because all the volunteers of ACT who put in hours with these children contribute in a big way to make the childrenmore confident in facing the world. - Madhulika Dhindaw, Bangalore

This is an awesome mission I must say giving a life and education to children is the most beautiful gift to humanity. I had an amazing time here at ACT. I hope to come back. All the best to all future endeavours. -Janet Mascarenhas