According to me Trust means a happiest place in the world…. I have learnt many things from Trust like knowledge, life skills… to speak fluent English. – Imran I PUC

According to me Trust means Temple. I have got each and everything from the Trust… even dance, good food, sports, studying and friendship…– Sulochana I PUC

Trust means Home to all of us…– Mohd. Waseem I PUC

In one word, the Trust means my Home– Veneetha S. I PUC

Aunty has told us to open an account in the bank in our name and our mother as our guardian. Whatever we can save every month can be deposited in the Bank. That would be of use in future.– Nadeem II PUC

Here I have many role models. I love to be in the Trust. I am very happy and proud to be in the Trust– Sharadh Kumar I PUC

I think I am a lucky person to be in the Trust– Revati N. II PUC


At the RC we have a library room and computer lab. If I don’t know anything about my subject I can go to any of these rooms to refer to books or go on the internet.– Sangeeta II PUC


The volunteers come from many companies… they teach us maths, geometry, science, Hindi. They ask us questions and give us tests. We do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We play word games and they give us chocolates.–Shruti B. VI std.

In October some volunteers came from one company called Oracle. They teached us general maths in such a fun and easy manner. Then they said they will ask difficult questions but they asked easy questions like: Who is the President of India? Who is the Tiger of Mysore?
They all teached us very nicely.
–Naveen IX

I am Varalakshmi of X std. Uncle thanks for your crackers. Every year you are the only uncle who brings us crackers. The crackers were nice, like your smiley face. In our house we used to celebrate with our family but its nice to celebrate with our friends and volunteers and Aunty’s.
If I had not got help from the volunteers I would not have scored good marks in the X Board Exam. I got confident because of the volunteer.– Mohammed Nadeem II PUC

If I have any problem I can come to ACT and share it and try to solve the problem. Now I think that there are many people for me who can help me other than my parents.– J. Shashikala II BCA


From the Trust we visited many companies which motivated us to study hard and to work in those companies. On every trip from the Trust we not only enjoyed ourselves but also learnt something which was useful to our life.- Sharadh Kumar I PUC

I was not able to dance even simple steps but now I have danced in ITPL.- Sulochana I PUC


Thank you for giving us crackers to celebrate Diwali. We bursted crackers. We enjoyed colourful lighting in the sky. We had lots of fun. We distributed sweets to all. Each group had a volunteer to help to burst crackers. I enjoyed bursting the crackers with my friends.– Shilpa IX

I missed most of the fun because of computer class bit the volunteers kept some crackers separately for the computer class students.– Sandhya IX

I have never burst crackers with all my friends. We all met together and burst crackers. I was very afraid of crackers, senior boys helped me to burst them and also the volunteers. It was a very colourful day…thank you for making the day colourful.– Lakshmi B. I B. Com.

We all enjoyed the most playing with volunteers with crackers. I have not enjoyed playing with my family. But I have enjoyed playing with all the volunteers and my dear friends.– Priyanka VI

I was afraid to burst the big crackers but some senior boys helped me to burst them and also some volunteers helped me. We enjoyed seeing beautiful colors of flower pots and big rockets which burst in the sky. It was like the stars in the sky had come nearer to wish us Happy Diwali. We all were screaming more than the crackers.


After 10 years if I am not part of ACT first of all I will miss my two aunty, my friends and the happiness that I had in my life.– Imran I PUC

After 10 years I will miss lots of things – like Life skills class, English class, Monday meetings and summer trips.– Renuka II PUC

I WISH …….

The volunteers asked if suddenly GOD appears in front of you at that time what wish will you make….
I said that I want courage.– S. Nandini X

Always my family members and friends should always be happy.– Savita X


I came to Ashwini Charitable Trust in the year 2003 when I was in VII standard. Ashwini has done many things for us. They pay fees for us. They give school books, bags, take us for trips and the volunteers of the Trust teach us many subjects like Maths, English Grammar, Science etc. I am able to speak boldly in front of others because of ACT.
I came to know many people from the corporate world. Every last week end of the month we celebrate our birthdays. We have a library in our Resource Center where there are many books to read. We have lots of games to play. ACT has created bank account in my name. now I can deposit money in the bank.
ACT has sent me for the computer classes. Now I can work on a computer confidently.
Ashwini Charitable Trust has done so much for me that I cannot express it in words. Because of this Trust I am studying in a Big college in Bangalore- St. Joseph’s College of Commerce.– Lakshmi B I B. Com.