Thousands of Ashwinis are dreaming. A small step by you can be a giant leap for many children. Take this step. And help someone take their next.

It takes us Rs. 30,090/- to take care of a child in our Trust for one year. With this amount we are able to send the child to school with the correct uniform, books, stationery etc.fitted neatly in a sturdy new school bag.

For a whole year the child is given healthy and nutritious snacks, and meals to keep him/her healthy. Vaccines are given to build immunity.

Moreover, a cereal porridge is made daily by the mothers, to ensure that the child has a power breakfast before going to school. This table gives you an idea of how Rs. 30,090/- is distributed.

There are 300 children in Ashwini Charitable Trust. Would you like to be the lucky person who can grant all this to a child? Then these children would forget their worries and just go to school with dreams in their eyes and hope in their strides knowing that there are people like you in this world who would like to create magic in their lives….